FANMIRE HOW WE HELP THEM DEVELOP AN IDEA Brief FANMIRE's founder had an idea for a social media monetization solution. We helped him develop the idea and created the materials needed to communicate to his stakeholders, prospective investors, partners and team members. We prepped [...]

Forest Living


Red Knot HOW WE HELPED A FILM GAIN EXPOSURE Brief Red Knot's writer and director needed help deciding how to best get his film exposure. We assisted with preparing packages and submitting them to various film festivals. We worked with the team to develop [...]



UNIBODY HOW WE HELPED A FOUNDER MIND MAP HIS IDEA Brief Unibody NYC's founder needed help articulating his vision on paper. We worked with him to get the concept out if his head, organized his thoughts and created the tools he needed to bring [...]

The Unstoppable Warrior Woman


The Unstoppable Warrior Woman HOW WE DEVELOPED AND MANAGED A PROJECT LAUNCH Brief The client wanted to start a program to support women. We helped her develop idea and planned the project and its components. We created the materials, process, and system to manage [...]

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